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Rules and regulations, in force, for the watercourse in Hola, Langsjøen and its tributaries.


§1. Fishing territories:

      Following rules and regulations concerns the territory from and between; Trangdalen Bridge, Gloføken, (common land cairn) along the                           common land boundary, to Kvernvik height. Furthermore, along the county limit between Tolga and Os, to Kula, Vola and back to Trangdalen                 Bridge. It also concerns the whole Langsjøen limited in Tolga. Flyfishing-zone is in Hola, between the Bridge at Sønmør and north to the                       Bridge at Stormoen/Brennmoen. Pike-zone is in northern part of Langsjøen, Strethåen and Smørbekkhåen.

      Exceptions from these teritories are: Øversjøen, including outlet, Håkkåtjern, Stortjern, Orvtjern in Orvdalen, Loken in Svartdalen and      

      Langtjern by Brattegga.


§2. Preservation regulations:

      This paragraph two (2) is to be obeyed by everybody fishing in the watercourse of Hola, Langsjøen and its tributaries, also by those of 16                       years of age and younger.

      The trout is preserved in the whole course during spawning, between September 1st, and November 15th. Grayling is preserved in the whole      

      course during spawning, between May 1st, and June 1th.


§3. Fishing tackle and fishing gear in river streams, creeks and small lakes (not Langsjøen):

      It is generally prohibited to use any kind of fixed fishing equipment as net, trap or seines. Any other fishing-tackle, -gear and -equipment is                     allowed, except barbed flies and equipment described in §16.


§4. Fishing in creeks (separate rules):

      Allowance between June 1st, and September 1st.

      In the creeks leading to Langsjøen and the river Hola, the minimum length of trout is 18 cm.

      §4 are to be obeyed also by those of 16 years of age and younger.


§5. Fly fishing zone (separate rules):

      Allowance between June 1st, and October 10th.

      It is prohibited with barbed flies. Bait-weight larger than the fishing line is prohibited.

      Landing net is allowed.

      Maximum allowed length of Grayling (Harr) is 35 cm.

      Maximum allowed length of Trout is 30 cm.

      Bag-limit is one fish per 24 hour per fisherman.

      Mandatory to bring measurer, if any doubt about the length, the fish must be released.

      Children of 16 years of age and younger do not need to obtain fishing license. Rods and handheld lines are permitted.


§6. Pike fishing zone (separate rules):

      Tackles as flies, lure, spinner and worms, are permitted, but any other type of bait is prohibited.

      Fixed fishing equipment as trap, net or seine is also prohibited.

      Support landing net is permitted.

      Maximum allowed length is 65 cm and every fish larger than the allowance must be released.

      Measurer is mandatory. Children at 16 years of age and younger must obey the rules, but are permitted unlicensed.


§7. Fishing tackle, fishing gear and other fishing equipment in Langsjøen: 

      During use of trolling line, including deep rigger, two (2) poles/rods or tackles per fisherman are permitted, but maximum four (4) rods or                        poles per boat. Otter is allowed and fishing rods or handheld single lines. Landing net is permitted.


§8. Fixed fishing gear in Langsjøen (only landowners and others with legitimacy):

      Legitimate personnel and ground owner have a right to use traps, bottom nets, floating nets and seine in all Langsjøen, except inside a                          radiant of 200m from Hola’s outlet, and inside the Pike zone.

      It is recommended nets with mesh sizes between 26mm and 29mm, Nets with mesh sizes between 35 and 39mm, increases death of trout                  bigger than 30cm. Recommended mesh sizes for traps is 25mm.


§9. Fixed fishing gear in Langsjøen (non -landowners or other legitimate personnel are permitted):

      Net license holders are permitted to use up to 5 bottom-nets (max length, 25m and max depth, 2m) per 24 hours. Meshes measuring greater                than 35mm is not allowed. Net license can only be obtained for Langsjøen. Fixed equipment is not allowed inside the Pike fishing zone and                  within a radiant of 200m from Hola’s outlet.


§10. Obligation to clearly mark fixed fishing gear:

        All fixed fishing gear must be clearly marked with a buoy, or other clearly visible floating device in both end of the gear with the owners                          name and address.


§11. Minimum-limit fish size:

        Minimum length allowed for trout is 18cm (every fishing participant must obey). All other species have no minimum size-limit.


§12. Maximum-limit fish size:

        Hola and Langsjøen water course have a maximum-limit fish length for trout, 30cm and Greyling, 35cm, with the exception of one fish per                      24 hour. Every pike caught above 65cmm must be released.

        No maximum limits when fixed fishing gear as trap, net or seine, is used.


§13. Catch-limit, (bag limit):

        There is a quota in, Hola River, of two (2) killed fish per 24 hour. Every fisherman can kill one (1) fish above the maximum-limit.


§14. Advised procedure for fish-release:

        In order to ensure the fish survive a release, please note the following important advice:

        Land the fish as fast as you can, and if avoid lifting it up from the water if possible. Do not touch it with dry hands and use a hook release                      plier. It is not recommended to remove barbs using a plier to squeeze them flat, or a file. (Use barb free hooks)  Use strong rig so the fish                      can be landed quickly. Circle-hooks are recommended during fishing with worm bait, because they hook further out in the fish’s mouth. Use                  knotless landing net, and big enough to fit the caught fish inside to avoid damage on fins, tale and mucous membrane.


§15. Bait:

        Only fish caught in Femund- and Trysil watercourse can be used as bait in Hola/Langsjø watercourse, and only species as Gwyniad (Sik),                    Trout, Burbot (Lake), Grayling (Harr), Pike (Gjedde) and Perch (Abbor). Fish used from any other watercourse will be reported to the                              authorities.


§16. Pike fishing (special permit)

        Pike-fishing with shotgun is permitted for landowners and other legitimate persons only. Permission is given for certain days, only in writing,                  submitted by Hola Fiskeforening. Care and consideration is important and is not permitted in the Pike zone in Langsjøen. Maximum limit is                    also here, 65cm.  


§17. Fishing spear:

        Spear or gaff is not permitted for fishing in the watercourse, Hola, Langsjøen and its tributaries, however, gaffs and/or hooks can be used as           landing device during Pike fishing. Remember maximum 65 cm.


§18. Hygiene:

        Fishing gear, clothing, boots and so forth, used in any other watercourse than Femund/Trysil, must be cleaned and dried before used in                        Hola/Langsjø watercourse. This rule concerns gutting of any fish caught elsewhere as well.


§19. Administration duties:

        All rules and regulations concerning Hola/Langsjøen watercourse is not in force during administrative duties for on behalf of, or by Hola                          fiskeforening.


§20. Fishing License:

        Fishing License must be purchased by every participant in fishing activities in Hola and Langsjøen watercourse and its tributaries, except                      persons of 16 years of age and younger.

        The Fishing License is personal, and cannot be transferred or used by more than one person, and is considered illegal without

        legitimate ID. 


§21. Fish caught illegal:

        Do not accept illegal caught fish handed to you, nor dispose, sell or realize such fish.


§22. Violation or offence:

        Any violation, offence or breach against these rules will be reported to State and/or County authorities, and violator will be notified regarding                  indictment shortly. §14 are only advisory.


§23. Coming into force:

        All rules and regulations for the watercourse in Hola, Langsjøen and its tributaries, are in force for the year of 2013 and onward until further                  notice.


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